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maharashi.jpg (1366 bytes)Университет Менеджмента Махариши

г.Донецк, Украина

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Познакомтесь с работами наших студентов выполненных на английском языке, в которых они высказывают свои мнения об университете.

Our students tell

My name is Mikulich Zhanna. I’m a student of “Programmer for business and industry” course. Thinking for existing of Maharishi University of Management I have a possibility to master (get) such prestigious and actual profession quickly and with using the most modern study programm.

In spite of high learning intensity, knowledge and practice are adopted easy, without any affords, because, TM technology, which I got at the Maharishi University of Management, help me increase mental possibilities and take out weariness and stresses.

I’m Eugene Izotov. As for me, this University is island among life’s problems and troubles. Here retire from humdrum vanity, and get enormous enjoyment from study. Warm relations, very good teacher stuff, excellent students – they are doing University as exclusive and the best University.

Besides, here is possibility for development tremendous knowledge potential through development own consciousness using TM-practice and learning Science of Creative Intelligent. Maharishi University of Management is the place, where we can become better, humaner, kinder, to study make choice really valuables in our life.

My name is Oleg Khutorskoy, I’ 26. In 1990 I graduated secondary school, since several times I entered to the different scholastic institutions. But, in some time I went out in different reasons: because of cost or of quality study.

At the Maharishi University of Management I entered by the advice of friends. Here you can master modern, respect and interesting professional “Programmer”. If give to attention actuality of IT, we can say that this University with its practical study experience, professional teachers and staff:

  • for government – only in one year it get good specialists;
  • for MUM students – single scholastic institution in Donetsk city, where quality of study conform to its cost.

And one more important detail – at the Maharishi University of Management we learn SCI – this subject helps us to live, studies us to use action Vedic knowledge in practical life.

I’m Gennadiy Chaykin. I’m 36 and I’m a student of the Maharishi University of Management in Donetsk (Ukraine). I began to study here two month ago. It’s very strange that I became a student so late, but not for me. And why the Maharishi University of Management? I try to explain it.

I think, that the most effective way to get a good, interesting work with sufficient salary now is the computer knowledge. I know that there are many ways to get this knowledge. And there are many intelligent teachers not only in the Maharishi University of Management. But I think that others Universities and Institutes in Donetsk are too enormous and bulky because of their programs. Their educational programms must be confirm by Ukrainian government and it’s too hard and long process. And so, they can’t be in time with modern progress in computer science.

Moreover, there is something important else. The most impotent things to me is to make my family happy. I’m really worried not only about my family, but about the other world too. Because, if we have destroyed our world, where will my family live? But how can I make my family live? But how can I make my family happy? Who can answer me? And I have gotten the answers here, in the Maharishi University of Management.

The Science of Creative Intelligence is giving me the answers on all my questions about the world and the life. And my teacher, who gave me the TM-practice and my own mantra, explained me how to become happy. I’m sure, that all people ought to get knowledge about the Science of Creative Intelligence, and to learn the TM-practice. And where they can get this knowledge and this practice? To take course in the Maharishi University of Management – is one of the ways.

So, if you understand me and agree with me, it’s not a question for you now – to help or not to help to the Maharishi University of Management. How you can help them – that is the question?!

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