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Vadim Pisarev was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. He received his training at the Choreographic School in Donetsk before going to Kiev to study at the Kiev State Choreography School on the program of Leningrad (St.Petersburg) Choreographic Academy of Vaganova. Irina Bulatova and Vladimir Denisenko were his teachers. Vadim's dancing career began in the hardly ever known to anybody "Zarnitsa" ("Summer Lightning") Company. Upon graduation from the Kiev Choreography School Mr.Pisarev joined the Donetsk State Academic Russian Opera and Ballet Theatre in 1983. In 1984, 1985 Vadim Pisarev practiced in Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow. His pedagogues in Bolshoi were Vladimir Nikonov, Raisa Struchkova, Asaf Messerer. In 1991 he practiced in Maryinsky Theatre (Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre), St.Peterburg. His pedagogues in Maruinka were Irina Kolpakova and Vladlen Semenov.

In 1984 at the First Republican Competition of Choreographers and ballet Dancers Vadim Pisarev won the highest reward the First Prize and the Gold Medal. The same year in June he won the Second Prize and the Silver Medal at the International Competition of Ballet Dancers a Bronze one. The Government of Ukraine SSR estimated the dancer's gift. Vadim Pisarev was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of the Ukraine. In 1985 Mr.Pisarev won the Gold Medal at the Fifth all-Union Competition of Ballet Dancers in Moscow. In 1986 Vadim Pisarev despite the injury the fracture of left hand won the Gold Medal at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. The same year Vadjm Pisarev was awarded the high title of People's Artist of Ukraine.

In 1987 he has danced on tour to the United State together with the Moscow Ballet Company. In 1988 he has danced on tour to the United State together with Donetsk Ballet Theatre .The same year Mr.Pisarev was awarded the Prize of Lenin Komsomol (the Young Communist League). Becouse of still lasting reconstruction of the Donetsk theatre building its Company had to prolong its tour in the USA. The dancer's urgent necessity to maintain good form and to perfect their skills made Mr.Pisarev set up the Co-operative Theatre "Interballet". Since 1988 Mr.Pisarev work with Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Company in the Usa according the contract. In the USA Vadim Pisarev and his parner ballerina Inna Dorofeeva received the title of Honorary Citizens of the American cities Hegerstown and New Orleans as the appreciation of their five-year fruitful creative work in the USA.

In 1990 Vadim Pisarev took part in the Festival of Dance Giants in Paris.

Since 1992 until 1995 Mr.Pisarev worked as a soloist of the Ballet Company in Dusseldorf Opera on the Rhine-river, Germany. His choreograph and ballet master was Haints Shoerly.

For training of young ballet talents Mr.Pisarev set up private Ballet School named the Choreographic School of Vadim Pisarev.

In 1994 in Donetsk was held the First International Festival "The World Ballet Stars". Mr.Pisarev is Artistic director and organizer of that festival and the following of annual festivals "The World Ballet Stars" in Donetsk. The dancers from Russia, USA, Swiss, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, took part in festival.

In November 1994 the first spectators entered brightly shining auditorium of freshly-repaired the Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Since 1995 the "World Ballet Stars" Festivals were held successfully in the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

In 1995 according to decision of the UNESCO Vadim Pisarev was announced The Best Dancer of Europe 1995 and awarded the prize "Benoni". In Donetsk in the newly founded alley dedicated to the Donbass Region Masters of Art the first marble triumphal memorial plaque with Mr.Pisarev's autograph was installed. The same year he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Donetsk and invited as a member of the ballet judge-board to the International Ballet Competition named after Serge Lifar in Kiev.

In 1996 Mr.Pisarev was appointed the Artistic Director of the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. In June 1996 Vadim Pisarev as an honorary guest took part in celebration of the 3000 year anniversary of Jerusalem. In October 1996 at the International Competition in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, he was awarded the "Third Prize of Tradition" together with ballet famouses as Galina Ulanova, the First Prize and Yuriy Grigorovich, the Second Prize.

Vadim Pisarev takes part in the annuel festivals "World Ballet Stars" and Gala-concerts in Monreal, Tokyo, Moscow, Athens, Vienna, Genoa, Paris, Pekin, Oslo, New-York etc. He has danced classical and modern repertoire in ballet companies of USA, Canada, Germany, France, China, Japan and Russia. He danced more than in 50s countries of the world. Vadim Pisarev participated in the opening of the Olympic Games in Calgary and Seul.

In 1996 by order of Norvwegian government Vadim Pisarev realized the staging of ballet "Peer Gynt" on the music by Grieg in honour of 1000th anniversary of Norwegian first city Trondheim. For this staging and performing part of Peer Gynt he rewarded by prize of Norwegian press "Golden Rose. The same year at the all Ukrainian Competition he received a rank Man of Year 1996 in Ukraine and the next year he became a Laureate of that Competition. In 1997 Mr.Pisarev became a Triumph-97 prize-winner. President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma rewarded Mr.Pisarev the Order of Merit of Third degree on November 23, 1998.

The cultural life, ballet art report a newspaper "Vadim Pisarev. The first issue of the newspaper was published in 1994.

The repertoire of talent dancer include principal part in ballets: Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Giselle, The Night of Walpurg, Paquita, Sleeping Beauty, Peer Gent, La Bayadere, Le Corsare, Spartacus, Romeo and Juliet, etc. Modern ballets: Deadend, Joseflegenda, Due, Adajio, Fantasia, Solomons songs, etc.

Altogether, there are more than 50 ballet parts, pa-de-de and choreographic compositions in the repertoire of Vadim Pisarev.

Yuriy Grigorovich told about Vadim Pisarev: he astonished spectators and us who have seen a lot of professionals by his technical and brilliant performance of classical parts.

September 1986. Jornal Soviet Ballet

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